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Our residents, visitors and businesses will enjoy faster broadband connectivity through initiatives including public Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things and other smart technology solutions that will help reduce energy consumption, lower emissions, improve public safety and help make the East Riding a more attractive place to be.


Our residents, visitors and businesses will enjoy faster broadband connectivity through initiatives including public Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things and other smart technology solutions that will help reduce energy consumption, lower emissions, improve public safety and help make the East Riding a more attractive place to be.

The East Riding will have a thriving digital business sector, with start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses creating growth and prosperity. Digital solutions will help us to maximise our economic potential by developing the necessary infrastructure and skills base to drive sustainable productivity and jobs growth.

Partner organisations will be able to work with the council and with each other more effectively, supported by digital collaboration tools and making use of shared data and digital platforms to enable a more joined-up, Smart County approach to delivering positive change in the East Riding.

Digital Skills for Businesses

Digital skills for businesses range from basic digital skills for employees who are not used to digital ways of working, up to digital skills for the future for careers in artificial intelligence, robotics and other digital innovations.

Why we're doing it

Digital skills in business are more important today than they have ever been. With consumer expectations accelerated, it is important for the digital ambitions of the East Riding that businesses can be supported to meet and exceed these expectations.

If you are a business looking to find help with your IT and Digital needs take a look at the HEY Growth Hub website which has information on digital support for businesses including: cyber security, what the cloud is and how it can help your business, how to build a web site and how to use social media to promote your brand.

HEY Growth Hub

Humber Local Digital Skills Partnership

The Humber Local Digital Skills Partnership was set up with the aim of improving digital skills for people and organisations within the region.

It brings together public, private and charity sector organisations to help increase the digital capability of individuals and businesses.

The partnership is made up of business leaders, education providers and the Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Why we're doing it

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is working with the Humber Local Digital Skills Partnership to understand the digital skills training offer across the region.

We are looking at what courses are available at all digital skill levels from beginners through to digital professionals, and at the same time, looking at what demand there is for these skills in the workplace.

The aim is to raise the digital skill level in the Humber area by raising the ambition of employers, employees, residents and training providers to engage with digital skills.

How we're doing it

The partnership will:

  • Act as a signpost to relevant digital skills training via local providers.

  • Provide a digital skills maturity and capacity self-assessment diagnostic tool to identify digital skills support needs for individuals, local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro businesses.

  • Provide access to information and support via the Local Enterprise Partnership’s growth hub advisor team.

  • Publish digital adoption case studies from across the region, from a variety of local companies and organisations. Take a look at these case studies on the Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership website.

Invest East Riding

The Invest East Riding website showcases the range of services, opportunities and support on offer from starting and growing your business to seeking to locate your business in the area.

How we’re doing it

The council’s business investment services team delivers the services offered, including:

  • Business support including one-to-one confidential business advice, business information and networking events.

  • Free registration onto on the online Supply Chain Directory.

  • Access to interrogate the online Supply Chain Directory.

  • Regular business intelligence updates including local supply chain opportunities via e-news bulletins.

  • Business accommodation through a range of modern business centres offering a stimulating, friendly and professional business environment with office and workshop accommodation suitable for start-up, small and medium-sized businesses. 

  • Access to partner organisations and services such as AURA Innovation Centre linking academia to industry in order to develop new business concepts and products, re-model existing technologies or produce prototypes through 3D printing.

  • Inward investment project management from the initial planning phase.

Smart County

Digital technology underpins almost every aspect of modern living across work, travel, leisure and health.

Our Smart County approach aims to ensure that the East Riding of Yorkshire is a ‘smart region’ by exploring the use of new digital technologies, data and connectivity to build new digital infrastructure that can be used to develop innovative solutions to some of the area’s challenges.

What it is

‘Smart County’ will deploy new technology to enhance digital connectivity and data in innovative ways to address the East Riding’s challenges via three key projects:

  • 5G connectivity framework - exploring opportunities to deploy the underlying wireless infrastructure that will eventually support a host of new applications such as connected cars, virtual and augmented reality and rural wireless connectivity.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Platform - deploying a LoRaWAN network and piloting projects to use IoT sensors and data to improve the quality of life for communities in and around the East Riding. The IoT pilot network will available to use for the public, businesses and education to stimulate innovation, learning and economic growth.
  • Public Access Wi-Fi - extending and enhancing our current public network to outdoor areas. Supporting tourism, major events and local businesses with high-speed connectivity.

We will use digital technologies, data and connectivity to:

  • Improve our digital infrastructure and solutions for businesses to innovate and grow the economy.
  • Help improve the lives of people working and living in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Enhance the experience and enjoyment of people visiting the area.
  • Support place-based decision making through the availability of data.
  • Make available the appropriate data and networks to industry, education, public sector, third sector and the public to enable social and commercial innovation.

What we’re doing

To develop the East Riding as a ‘smart county’ we will consider connectivity and the digital infrastructure required to harness opportunities to grow the economy. This will be done through initiatives such as:

  • Providing high speed mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity for tourists and visitors to enjoy a better connected and digitally rich experience when visiting the East Riding.
  • Adopting a 5G-first approach to wireless connectivity, which will play a key role in our Smart County future.
  • Improving the rural broadband connectivity in the region using wireless solutions.
  • Creating an Internet of Things (IoT) network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.
  • Enhancing the features and datasets available through the East Riding Intelligence Hub to be the key public access point for the smart county data; this will allow residents and businesses to use public facing data sets about the place they live and work.

How we’re doing this

Work is progressing with focus on the following areas:


  • we’re facilitating improved coverage and faster deployment of 5G by following the principles of the DCMS Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator and the Mobile UK Local Authority Checklist.
  • undertaking closer partnership working with Mobile Network Operators and exploring the use of 5G to address rural connectivity issues.


  • delivering a pilot Internet of Things (IoT) LoRaWAN network and smart data platform covering Bridlington and the north east Wolds rural area.
  • deploying a wide range of IOT sensors in areas covering:
  • making the LoRaWAN network available to use for the public, businesses and education via The Things Network and undertaking projects to stimulate innovation, learning and economic growth in manufacturing, agritech, environmental, tourism, renewables and education sectors.

Public Access Wi-Fi

  • in March 2023 we installed new Public Access Wi-Fi equipment at all our Leisure Centres, Libraries, Ceremonies, Business Centres, Adult Learning venues, Bridlington Spa and Sewerby Hall, delivering more reliability, enhanced coverage and faster speeds for users
  • expanding our current public network to outdoor areas including Bridlington South Beach and Esplanade, Withernsea Valley Gardens, and our town’s marketplaces, providing outdoor high-speed connectivity for beach huts, cafés, retail shops, B&Bs, local traders, supporting tourism and major events.

Broadband connectivity

The Broadband East Riding Programme strives to ensure access to the best possible broadband connectivity across the East Riding of Yorkshire area and support the Government’s target for 85% of the country’s premises to have access to gigabit services by 2025.

Visit the Broadband East Riding website for more information.

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